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If you would like to be put on our reservation list, for a doeling or buckling, it is FREE.  You will be contacted when the kid is born and then you can put a deposit on the kid.  A non-refundable deposit of $50 will hold your already born kid until it is weaned at 8 weeks of age.  Kids are to be paid in full by 8 weeks and picked up at 8 weeks unless prior arrangements are made.  All kids are dam raised and will be disbudded, tattooed (If not wethered) current on their first set of vaccinations, wormed and have their hoof trimmed if needed when they leave at 8 weeks.  Registration A.D.G.A. papers will also be provided for does and bucklings but not for wethers. Our herd does, over the years, have been purchased only from clean negative tested herds.  We are having our herd tests this year 2023. Our kids are guaranteed healthy when they leave our farm, but once outside of the farm and out of our control we can-not guarantee them. The exception to this is if later they have genetic defects confirmed by a licensed veterinarian the kid would be replaced, free of charge, with a kid equal in quality and the same sex.

     DOELING    = $450 - $800

     BUCKLING  = $400 - $800

     WETHER     = $150 or 2 for $275


Prices on the doelings and bucklings are as posted if you have your reservation/deposit before the dam is shown this spring. After the dam is shown if she earns legs, championship, milking star, or 85 or higher L.A. the price of the kid will increase.  All shipping expenses are the buyers responsibility, they may include, specific state fees, health papers, vet fees associated with testing and health certificates, crates, and transportation.    


Rocking Maine reserves the right to retain any kid, from any breeding, at any time prior to its sale.             

Pricing & Sales Policy

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